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About Us

Hey there! We're happy you’re here and made the decision to seek counseling! We know it can be a scary and intimidating one. Treatment comes in many forms, and often times, simply learning about oneself provides comfort and alleviation. At CST Counseling & Consultation, we work with a wide range of struggles, from clinical concerns to adjustment issues and we are excited to work with clients who are eager to learn more about themselves through a multifaceted life lens. Understanding our barriers and why they are present allows us to begin to shift them, and grow within ourselves and our interpersonal relations.

In addition to in-person sessions, we offer a 100% confidential, premier online/telehealth service. In today’s society, it’s difficult to find the time to physically go into the practice. We get it! As such, we've grown with the times and offer premier individualized telehealth treatment. Some people are intimidated by the virtual clinical experience- we’ll guide you step by step! 

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy:

  •  has been proven to be just as effective as in-person therapy

  • easier accessibility for busy schedules

  • more flexible for adolescents who have extra-curriculars

  • less resistance from adolescents 

  • provides greater privacy 

  • all billing/payment is processed seamlessly through our online portal

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