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Illinois and Colorado 

Premier Mental Health Services 


3100 W Higgins Rd Suite 190

Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

(847) 232- 6137


Welcome to CST Counseling & Consultation! We are so glad you're here and can't wait to work with you. In our opinion, everyone needs a therapist; not because there is something wrong, but because we could all use a 'personal assistant' to help us navigate life! 

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Top Counselor Claudia Skowron, LCPC

Childhood Psychology






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Why we do what we do...

Our purpose and mission is to provide excellent quality services to each unique individual we meet. We utilize the latest techniques and treatment modalities, but are grounded in time-tested empirically validated theoretical frameworks.


Therapy is not just for those who have diagnosable struggles, but also those who are in a challenging phase of life, navigating situational stressors, or those who simply need an assistant to manage life concerns as they come up. Think of us as your sidekick, helping you navigate the good, bad, and everything in between. We serve to continue to break the stigma of seeking support professionally, and are privileged to work with those who trust their care with our incredible team. 

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CST Counseling and Consultation PLLC

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CST Counseling and Consultation

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3100 W Higgins Rd Suite 190

Hoffman Estates, IL 60169


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